Essay on My School in 200, 300, 400 Words for Class 1-12

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Here we have got a few essay on the my school in 200, 300, and 400 words for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. School is a place of learning, and it’s a training ground for the future. All the teachers are respected and loved by us.

My School Essay

Essay on My School in 200 Words

The school is an educational institution that is intended to offer learning spaces and provide an environment where students can learn under the guidance and direction of teachers.

My school is a top-rated educational institution that I can trust to give me an education, help me reach my goals and keep me on track. My school plays a significant role in my life, not only in education. My school excels in all areas. It helps me to develop my mental and physical stamina and instills confidence.

It gives me many opportunities to show my talents and skills in various fields. It has made a significant impact in the academic field. Its students are awarded top marks in board exams.

My friends and I go to school together. Our school is a very friendly place where we can study. We arrive at school at a set time. We line up for the assembly as soon as we arrive. It is an amazing experience to attend the school assembly. Being the first person to attend a school assembly is a great experience. We rush to our classrooms as soon as the assembly is over. All school activities are taken part in. One of my school friends is the best dancer and singer. Recently, she won the award for best singer at the annual arts festival. Our school organizes important national events such as Independence Day, Teachers’ Day, Father’s Day, and others. Every student has ample opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities such as music and sports.

It is something that we are proud to be a part. This school is a wonderful place to study. My school is something I love and am proud to be a part of.

Essay on My School in 300 Words

My school name is ‘Alighar Govt. Boys High School. Because of its outstanding contribution to sport and the excellent results, it is the most loved school in my area. Our school has approximately 500 students and 30 teachers. Our school is very popular and does amazing.

Sunil Dutt is my class teacher. He is an incredible teacher who teaches English. He is polite and not rude to us. His teaching style is very different from other teachers. We love him as much as he loves us. We are proud of his hard work.

Our school principal is Mr. Nilesh K. He is visionary and passionate about new ideas. His leadership is helping to take our school on a new stage. He is the true leader, who leads the school from the front. Our school excels in this sport.

The last three inter-school cricket championships were won by our cricket team. They are unbeatable. They are also very strong in football. I am part of the football team because it is my favorite sport. The school has great yearly results.

According to the results, we are among the top five. We are hopeful that our school will be better in the future. My school is a wonderful place to be. This school is the best. My school is a great place to learn. All the teachers are respected and loved by us.

Essay on My School in 400 Words

School is a place of learning, and it’s a training ground for the future. My school’s name is JB High School. It was established in 1943 by a land-lord from our region. He donated money and land to the school.

Our school has a very peaceful atmosphere. The school is surrounded on two sides by a playground and a small garden with a pond on the opposite. There are two rows of large buildings around the school. On the front building is the name of the school. The front building contains ten classrooms.

The other ten rooms are used for various purposes, including the Library, Head Master’s Office and Clerk’s Office. and Scout Room, among others. Our school has a hostel.

Our school has twenty teachers, a PET and a librarian. There are also two peons. All teachers are highly qualified and have years of experience. The Head Master is a highly educated man. He teaches Science, Geography. He also teaches English.

Our school has approximately five hundred students. Our school uniform is worn to school. Blue half-pant and half-shirt are the uniforms for boys. It is blue with a white blouse and skirt for girls. From 10.30 A.M. until 4 P.M., the school operates. Classes begin after a Mass Prayer. We go to the playground during recess. Some students read newspapers in the library. In games period we play football, volley ball, etc. Ring ball is also played by girls students.

Our school has a large library. We have about 2500 books on various subjects. A library period is a part of our week. After a week, we return books borrowed from the library.

In our school, we observe the Republic Day and the Independence Day as well as the Teacher’s Day. Our school also celebrates the Ganesh Puja as well as the Saraswati Puja. Every year, we hold debate competitions as well as games and sports. Every year, the school magazine “The Shree” goes out.

Students from this school perform exceptionally in annual exams. Essay In Marathi This school has many students who have achieved a high ranking position in the state. Our school also hosts the District Science Exhibition. Our school was awarded the Governor’s Award two years ago for a classical teacher. Our school’s academic results, discipline and study environment attract students from faraway parts of the state. It’s a school that excels in every way.

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