Essay on My Mother in 200, 300, 400 Words for Class 1-12

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Here we have got a few essays on the my mother in 200, 300, and 400 words for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Mother loves us from the moment our lives begin in this world and gives us his love.

My Mother Essay

Essay on My Mother in 200 Words

Sabiha Ahmed is my mother. She is a housewife. My mom is an incredible woman. She is so beautiful and generous. She spends most of her time in our house. She does all the work. She gets up early every morning to start working before we wake up. She is a great cook and makes delicious food.

Her cooking is something I love. I miss her food when I’m away from home. We are very loved by her. Every mother loves her children. This is a universal truth. Mothers are selfless and do everything for us. They did their best to raise us as a good child. To make our future brighter, they gave up so many of their happiness’s.

She is hardworking, loving and supportive. She inspires me to try new things. She cheers me on for my work every day. She is also my teacher and guide. She assists me with my homework and in preparing for the exam. She guides me on the right path. My mother is the most important person I know.

Essay on My Mother in 300 Words

My mother is a symbol for love, truth and honesty. My mother is an incredible woman, confident and an inspiration. My mother is someone I admire for her independence and loyalty. Her name is Usha Patani.

I consider my mother to be good luck. I started my day by smiling at my mother, and I continue to take her blessings every day. It is a great help to me. She makes it easy to complete any work and solves all the problems quickly. She is very concerned about my studies, and she helps me during exams. She helps me to be a good person, do the right things, and she always advises me to make the right choices in my life. She was always there to care for my younger brother and me when we were sick. She is our best friend and tries to make sure we are happy with her every day. My brother and I share our secrets with mom.

She is always there to help us and make sure we are happy. Both of us enjoy delicious meals prepared by her. She makes us breakfast every day and packs lunches for school. She always made delicious and unique meals for holidays and it was a great way to share our love of food and good cooking with family. We also enjoy going out on weekends to have fun and celebrate our weekends. Our mother is always there to help us in any way we can. She tells us stories and helps us become better people, even when we aren’t studying. She is the most generous and kind person I have ever met. My mother’s dignity won’t be affected by me doing anything wrong.

Essay on My Mother in 400 Words

Mother’s love and upbringing are the only thing that can truly weigh anything in this world. Mother is the only woman who does not give her child a loving upbringing. Mothers are dependent on their child for everything. He always encourages us to work hard when we feel compelled. She listens to all of our thoughts and feels the good and the bad. He doesn’t stop us or bind us on any level. She teaches us how to distinguish between good and bad.

Mother, who can only be called a mother, is the second name for true love. We are born in his womb and we live with him all our lives. He provides love and education. Mothers who are blessed by God have nothing to be treasured, so God should be praised. It is the embodiment of true love, sacrifice, and upbringing. It is this thing that gives birth to the house, transforms it into a sweet home.

She was the one who started our school at home, and she is also the first and most important teacher in our lives. She teaches us the truth philosophy and way to live. She loves us from the moment our lives begin in this world and gives us his love. Although she gives birth to us through much suffering and pain, she also gives us his love. It is rare to find love that is strong, selfless, pure, and devoted in the world. She brings light to your darkness.

She tells stories about mythology, gods and goddesses every night and stories about other kings. She is concerned about our safety, our education, our future, and the safety of strangers. She guides us in the right direction and, most importantly, she brings joy to our lives. With a disabled child, he makes us feel good, intellectually, and socially. Even though we make him sad, she always puts his best foot forward and prays for us and our good health. We need to remember that there is always something wrong behind her smile.


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